Solutions driven by innovation
Vee Pak, CEI, and Aware Products LA are now Voyant Beauty—your partner for bringing the most innovative personal care and beauty products to market.
What Voyant Means
Having the vision to navigate change and reveal what the future holds.
We call ourselves Voyant because our vision combined with technical expertise helps brands reach higher and go further.
The Better Way To Do Beauty
Serving our customers
at every stage
of the brand lifecycle.
Our integrated network of innovation and manufacturing capabilities delivers responsive solutions and increased speed to market.
What Sets Us Apart
This is the Voyant difference.
End to end,
and anywhere
in between.
Our capacity and infrastructure adjust manufacturing to meet your needs, scaling up and down while retooling for quick turnarounds.
In every way imaginable.
Built into the very DNA of our business, innovation means continual investment in enhancing our processes and creating new formulas to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve.
Ready to serve, able to deliver.
What once took weeks or months can now be completed in days. Our investment in best-in-class technology powers speed to market, getting the best new products to consumers faster than ever before.
Operations Snapshot
Manufacturing facilities in the
U.S. and Europe
units of
installed capacity
Our Culture
We conduct our business
with uncompromising integrity and ethics. We always do the right thing.

Our People
Our people are key to our success. We want to work with our employees directly to reward and develop our talent. We are committed to sharing and aligning goals, differentiating and recognizing outstanding work.
Our Solutions
We deliver solutions driven by innovation and continuous improvement in every way imaginable to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve.
Our Teamwork
Team work and Respect. We empower our people to work together making fast decisions that enables us to be Responsive and get our customers to market quicker.
Connect with us
to make something great.
Whether you have an idea for a new product that you need help bringing to life, or you want to embark on a new career in an exciting, high-growth industry—Voyant Beauty is for you. Our solutions are driven by innovation, and our business is driven by you.