Welcome to the inaugural edition of Formulation Fridays where every week we will be highlighting a trend and accompanying proactive innovation formulation we want to make sure you know about.

Reading the WWD Beauty Inc. newsletter this morning, I wasn’t surprised to see that CVS has announced the creation of a dedicated section in store for Stress Relief products. We see the demand for this to only continue to grow – and given this, in this edition of FF we are focusing on the trend towards stress and anxiety relief.

We’d like to introduce you to Relieve and Refresh Crème-Balm (Formula #551-69).

  • Searches for ‘immunity, stress relief, medicinal benefits, and more’ are skyrocketing.
  • CBD has reopened the door for consumers to believe in the efficacy of non-OTC, homeopathic inspired treatments.
  • Consumers are now spending +35-40% more on at home fitness, and all the potential injuries and strains that come along with this.

This is why Voyant has concepted and created a next generation topical treatment, inspired by a renewed openness to look to natural extracts and healers to sooth. Relief & Refresh Crème-Balm is here. A next generation topical treatment not just for sports injuries and pulled backs anymore. Perfect for tense shoulders, aching necks, sore wrists, Peloton pain, Tonal tightness, or indulgent relaxation.

Our thermogenic formulation is a fast absorbing aromatic creme balm that contains naturally derived next generation nano-encapsulated time released pain relieving essential oils like Sweet Birch and Vetiver from Brazil to ease tension, Arnica to soothe, and Eucaluyptus and Menthol oils revitalize and reinvigorate the senses.

Upon application, 20% of healing ingredients are released, with the remaining 80% released over the following 8 hours.

Elevate the experience and use with tools typically reserved for the face to maximize results. Partner with a cooling facial roller for hot/cold therapy, or a Gua Sha to further reduce tension and aid in absorption.

Reach out to your Voyant representative or email info@voyantbeauty.com for more information and to request samples.

Sources: WWD Beauty Inc 5/8/20, L.E.K./Civis Analytics COVID-19 Consumer Insights Survey April 2020, Food Navigator March 2020

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