In this weeks edition of Formulation Fridays we gain inspiration from the new WFH (work from home) world of personal hygiene choices many of your customers are facing for the first time.

Looking cross category to fashion, we were inspired by the ingenious minds of Japanese based Whatever Inc. and their new Work From Home Jammies.  Uniquely designed to be a thoughtful compromise of business on the top and comfort on the bottom, for the ultimate in presenting a professional appearance on the Zoom or Teams screen, without compromising overall convenience and comfort.

We asked ourselves, how could we transfer this convenience, utility, and fun into the world of personal care and discovered a common insight – while skincare and makeup touchups for video conferences can be accomplished quickly, hair is a different story.

Enter our new Bi-Phase Dry Shampoo Hair and Mood Transformer (Formula #525-78).

  • Dry shampoo only absorbs oil and adds in slight texture – but if hair has bends or crinks from sleep or scrunchies, you’ll need something else to restyle
  • Consumers are using quarantine and new work from home schedules to wash their hair less to replenish hair’s natural oils, impart less scalp irritation, and reallocate time to doing other things
  • People in lockdown are more worried about their mental wellbeing than their general health, with just under two-thirds of 16- to 69-year-olds most affected by boredom, stress and anxiety, and the inability to make plans.

Combine the oil absorbing properties of dry shampoo with the ability to style freshly washed damp hair, along with the fun of WFH jammies, and you have our Voyant Bi-Phase Dry Shampoo Hair and Mood Transformer – a secret weapon do-it-all. Absorb oil, refresh roots, remove bends and crinks, eliminate odor, and promote a positive mood and improve anxiety. Perfect for any-day hair when you need to transform your hair – and your mood – quickly.

Performance wise, formula utilizes the key oil absorbing active from dry shampoo (Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate) suspended in a conditioning formula with Panthenol, which adds moisture and strength back into the hair.

Now here’s where it gets fun. We added Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, which acts as a powerful adaptogen to encourage the stimulation of neuro-peptide production, and its antioxidant properties, to promote inner wellness, relaxation and stress reduction.

Simply put – it promotes production of positive endorphins, something we could all use right now.

Pair with an Aptar Euromist Heaven actuator for an elevated application experience – finer spray pattern, longer depression, and even coverage.

Or even develop a custom fragrance with our valued partners at Givaudan, utilizing their proprietary technology to develop a scent shown to clinically promote happiness and/or relaxation!

Reach out to your Voyant representative or email me at for more information and to request samples.

Have a good weekend and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

•Sources: Allure 4/14/20, Forbes 4/23/20, BBC 5/7/20

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